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Y2K14 MAIN FESTIVAL breaking news: Main Venue has been suddenly closed down

Hi everyone,

I accidentally sent a confidential message to the loopers delight daily mail digest ahead of when I was planning on
making an announcement,  so the cat's out of the bag and my apologies for not
doing it more discreetly.  I'm just beside myself with work and stress about what's been going on.

So, here's what's going on:

Essentially, we have lost our venue for the main festival   Oct 17-19.

The Country came in and shut down the Treasures Roadhouse (in a continuing trend of our
city and county being music venue unfriendly in recent years).

I have been trying really hard to find an alternative venue for the last 9 days and, for the most part,  drawing

So,  these are the present two alternatives, and , before announcing them,  I want to say
that I am going to have to reduce the number of participants in the festival NO MATTER WHAT

It pains me terribly to have to do this,  but my hands are just tied.

Consequently,   I'm going to give performance precedence to all the artists who are traveling here from out
of the Country and out of the State (there's an entire caravan of artists heading down from
the Pacific Northwest Loopfestivals that precede ours).

To everyone that I have to turn down (after already accepting them for the festival)
I apologize profusely.     I've honestly been doing every single thing I can to keep this going.
You will all get first crack as soon as I find a suitable venue (either this year....doubtful..........or in
ensuing years).

Anyway,   here are our two possibilities as we sit here:

1)  We still may be able to get the Corralitos Community Center.  It's smaller than the Treasures Roadhouse
and it's stage is not large enough to accommodate groups larger than two people which means that
we'll have to take more time between those acts which will result in people being bumped off the bill.
It is 3 miles further away than the Treasures  (realistically 20 minutes outside of SC instead of 15) and we probably
cannot go as late as night.   We'll know in the next 48 hours what's going on with that.

2)  If that doesn't come through,   then I will attempt to have several successive house concerts in the SC area.
This will radically reduce the number of artists who can play.

Sooooooooooooooooooooo...............here's what I need to know from you all:

1)   Who has already purchased a plane ticket to perform?      
2)  If you haven't please DO NOT DO SO until you have cleared it with me first
3)  Who is planning to come from out of the state to the festival?
4)  Is there anyone who is already booked to perform who would be willing to withdraw from the festival
(only this year)  so that we can have more wiggle room?

I'm just sick about all of this,  but it is what it is.
I'm trying my best and I hope you all understand that and be kind in your judgement.

Yours,   Rick Walker  Y2K14 Festival Founder

PS   Foreign artists:  The San Jose and San Francisco shows are still on for Wednesday, Oct 15 and Thursday, Oct 16!!!!!

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