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Re: Hi Michael, Rick Walker here with the Y2K14 LOOPFESTIVAL with important and timely news

You took that thought right out of my head...



On 9/9/2014 7:43 PM, db@biink.com wrote:
Looks like the word is out.

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-------- Original message --------
From: Rick Walker
Date:09/09/2014 10:27 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: "TRIO of ONE (Michael Mullin)(USA)"
Subject: Hi Michael, Rick Walker here with the Y2K14 LOOPFESTIVAL with important and timely news

Hi Michael,

    I wanted to write and tell you that the county came in and closed the Treasures Roadhouse,  site of this and last year's
festival, leaving us, suddenly,  without a venue for the festival.

For the past 9 days I have tried everything I can possibly try to find another venue and have had, unfortunately, option after option
taken off the table.

In the next 48 hours I will make my decision on what to do, but I thought you should know that

1)  In the best case scenario,  we will move to the Corralitos Community Center which is smaller and a couple of miles
further away from Santa Cruz.      This will most probably result in a smaller audience and I will have to
tell many, many artists that I can't have them perform after all.
Your slot on Sunday night will be assured if that happens if you want to continue.

2)  If that fails then I will attempt to have a series of small house concerts (hopefully two a day, but possibly
just in the evenings) in and around Santa Cruz.............I've already got three committments to do so and haven't even
thrown it out to the larger community.

If this happens,  the audiences are going to be small,  I know for a fact.

I'd still love you to come be our headliner, but I also know that this is NOT an optimum circumstance
so I thought I should be really upfront.   If you decide not to do it,  please know that I will completely supportive of
your decision and that you would, certainly, have a standing offer in the coming year(s) to have another headline
slot offered to you when we secure another venue.

It's totally your decision and I support, fully , whatever you decide to do this year.

I'm so sorry about all of this,  but this fucking city and county have become increasingly intolerant of
the musical performing arts in the last 5 years (much as San Francisco has, commensurately).

I'm trying my best but I've just started running out of options.

There is a slim chance that one thing I have in the works might work out but I've got to make my decision
in the 48 hours or so in order to be able to make everything work out (logistics for having several house concerts
are going to greatly increase my workload, as I'll have to provide sites, sound and lights for every single venue).

Let me know your thoughts.  You are the first person I'm telling and I'd ask you to wait until my announcement is
official and public before you talk about this in public...........otherwise I will have 10,000 emails on my hands right when
I truly need to be working the hardest to get everything accomplished.  I hope you understand.
Yours,   Rick

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