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Changing Venues for the Santa Cruz Y2K14 Festival and the future of the Festival

A couple of good possibilities have come up and
it looks like we might just have a festival that revolves
between locations (smaller venues and house concerts).
Regretfully, the scope of the festival will necessarily be smaller
but we're still going to have a festival.

People have been very generous in spirit and I thanks
for all the well wishes!!!!

About ideas for moving the festival:

It HAS moved, and all over the world.

We are now officially in 28 cities in 11 countries worldwide
with several loopers from new locations contacting me about the possibility
of joining our community.

So, the best way to help nurture this community, as I see it, is for
people to look at their own communities and figure out a way to have
a modest festival (or even single event).

What I've learned is that,   'if you build it, they will come'.

I'm always hear with advice on how to get started; how to do it on the cheap; how to positively exploit the community for resources, equipement, even venues.

So, I will probably always have a festival in Santa Cruz as long as I live here. I love this place and it's the UR location so I have spiritual dedication to it.

It's just that we've grown huge (we were booked in five days this year.......that's unprecedented)
and outgrown our grassroots communities abilities to house us.

It's probably time to scale down a little, but the festival is going to be wonderful.

Thanks, everybody,
Warmly ,   Rick

ps ...........and seriously, I feel so sheepish about sending out that confidential message, but, as it turns out,
a lot of positivity came from the information going out sooner than later.

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protection is active.