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Request for DONATIONS for the Santa Cruz, San Jose and San Francisco Y2K14 International Live Looping Festivals

Hi everyone, 

We've had a bit of a rough year because of losing our main festival and San Francisco venues, 
but we are working really, really hard at the last minute to accommodate at least all of the artists coming to perform
from 11 different countries as well as from around the United States

.........so,  we are going to have the Y2K14 Main Festival in Santa Cruz,   a 'best of show' in San Jose and a
San Francisco "experimental side of Y2K" (thanks to the considerable efforts of Laurie Amat).

We also have more logistical problems ahead of us than any year in recent memory because of
multiple venue locations and the number of artists coming and, as always,  we have no corporate sponsorship
and lots of expenses.

Sooooo.....................If you have it in you financially, and spiritually.  we can
really use some monetary donations (and volunteer donations) so that we can pull this thing off,
once again
and also so that I can pay my wonderful staff for all their hard work over the entire week.
It's a hell of a lot of work for all concerned and the staff basically gives up working for a living for the
week of the festival.

Any donations are welcome no matter how small (or large) and can be sent through
PAYPAL  to my account  at  

Thanks so much, as always for making this wonderful festival possible.

We're really excited to announce that Y2K14 has expanded to 28 cities in 11 countries, officially and
that in this year's festival,   festival organizers  Noah Peterson, John Allen, Emmanuel Reveneau, Per Boysen, Laurie
Amat and Maha are all going to be here in Santa Cruz...............that is so exciting!

Yours,  gratefully,   Rick Walker

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