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Re: Usine Hollyhock for Live Looping?

I'll second the use of Bidule for such things-- I used it in conjunction with Mobius and a few effects both as a guitar looper and sound source during last year's loopfest. It's easy to get up and running with it, and you can get fairly elaborate if need be. 


On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 10:53 AM, Paul Haslem <phaslem@wightman.ca> wrote:
I don't have specific experience with Usine, I did look at it a number of years ago but decided on Bidule (   http://www.plogue.com/products/bidule  ) instead. Concept wise, they seem like very similar programs, an environment where you can channel your signal through various vst programs. I ended up with bidule because it seemed a bit easier for me to understand, but I do know that lots of people use usine. In bidule I've had some very elaborate setups routing various signals down through Mobius and building a great soundscape. I'm sure that you can do the same with Usine. You might try getting hold of Per, he has had much more extensive and indepth usage.

good luck, I found that going with that modular sort of environment opened up a whole different world of looping for me.

Paul Haslem,
Ontario, Canada

> On Sep 22, 2014, at 9:13 AM, Buzap <buzap@gmx.net> wrote:
> Hi folks (long time no see...)
> I'm looking into replacing Mainstage for various reasons.
> Has anyone have experience with Usine Hollyhock specifically for live looping (more specifically with Mobius)?
> The interface looks & feels pretty sweet:
> http://www.sensomusic.org/wiki2/doku.php?id=hollyhock
> Else, I'm considering sticking everything into Reaper (or possibly Live, we'll see)...
> best regards
> Buzap