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Y2K14 INTERNATIONAL LIVE LOOPING FESTIVAL Performance Schedules for SAN JOSE Wed 10/15 and SAN FRANCISCO Thurs 10/16

*BEST of Y2K14 International Live Looping Festival*

366 South1^st Street

_*Wednesday, October 15*_^_th_

*6:00 **Mauricio Sotelo Vargas *(Mexico)

***6:30 ***Andre Donawa **(Barbados)
7:00 Kai Wen Hwang *(Singapore)

*7:30 **Prehisto-Zik*(France)

*8:00 Cian MX *(Mexico)

*8:30 **MandoMan *(Japan)

*9:00 **David Kollar *(Slovakia) + *Paolo Raineri *(Italy)
9:30 Per Boysen*(Sweden)

*10:00 **Lucid Brain Integrative Project *(France)

*10:30* *Jean-Paul DeRoover *(Canada)


*                    THE EXPERIMENTAL SIDE of the
                    Y2K14 International Live Looping Festival
                             Turquoise Yantra Grotto
                                       32 Turquoise Way, San Francisco, CA

_Thursday*, October 15*_^_th_

*8:00 **David Kollar *(Slovakia) + *Paolo Raineri *(Italy)

*8:30 John Connell *(Usa))

*9:00 **Lucid Brain Integrative Project *
aka Emmanuel Reveneau (France)
9:30 Shores of Latency *(Emmanuel + Laurie)

*10:00 **Laurie Amat *(Usa)

*10:30* *Prehisto-Zik*(France)


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