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SoCal LoopFest

The First Annual Southern California LoopFest happens Wed/Thur, 6pm at di
DiPiazza's in Long Beach.

New acts for this portion of the LoopFest tour!
Wed: Sander Wolff, Mike Why, Jeff Kaiser, ANI Amy Lee,
Thur: Riz Orkestra, Daniel Park, Zack Walters, Nicholas Chacon, Albert
Mathias and the current BOSS Loop Station Champion for the United States,
the one and only Paul SuperTall Newman.

Can't come? Stream it on concert window!
Wed: https://www.concertwindow.com/shows/9570-southern-california-loopfest
Thur: https://www.concertwindow.com/shows/9572-southern-california-loopfest

FREE show, all ages. www.socalloopfest.com

Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209