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Re: SoCal LoopFest

Gosh, Noah,  You've done it again,

What a strong lineup!!!!!  Have a wonderful festival everyone.
We're still sitting here with amazing lingering memories of the Y2K14 LoopFest...............
Such wonderful music and such incredible people.

I wish I was down there playing with y'all or at least hearing you all.

Please give my big love to Jeff Kaiser!!!!

And please let SuperTall Paul Newman that we'd love to have him up here for next
years'  15th Anniversary of the Y2K15 Main Festival!!!

Have fun everyone!

love, Rick

The Southern California LoopFest is tonight and tomorrow, 6pm Pacific
Standard Time.

Wed night line-up:
Noah Peterson - San Antonio, TX
Rejyna - Los Angeles, CA
Sander Roscoe Wolff - Long Beach, CA
Mike Why- Pittsburgh, PA
Per Boysen - Stockholm Sweden
Jeff Kaiser - San Diego, CA
ANI - San Francisco, CA
Just Alliance: - Las Vegas, NV
Streaming link:

Thur night line-up:
riz orkestra - Los Angeles, CA
Mandoman - Osaka, Japan
Cian - Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico
Jean-Paul De Roover, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Daniel Park  - Las Vegas, NV
Zack Walters - Los Angeles, CA
SuperTall Paul Newman - Los Angeles, CA
Nicholas Chacon - Pomona, CA
Strictly Albert - San Francisco, CA
Streaming link:


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