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Rinus Van Alebeek review in Vital Weekly

>From the Vital Weekly mailing list this week, a familiar name in a review:

RINUS VAN ALEBEEK - RANCH (cassette by Lonktaar)
Since getting back into the world of self-released cassettes, Rinus
van Alebeek has made quite a name for himself as a musician as well as
re-launching Staaltape, once the cassette division of Staalplaat, but
in hibernation for many years. Many of the current releases are
handmade and highly limited. One of those Van Alebeek tapes that was
previously released in an edition of twenty copies is now re-issued in
an edition of thirty. "Ranch" deals with stories from the West Coast,
and has been recorded in California and Berlin. Van Alebeek not only
releases cassettes, it's also his main instrument of choice. Either
cheap walkmans, old four track machines or the better (but older)
models from years ago. These machines are fed with field recordings of
his own making - traveling is something Van Alebeek always seems to do
a lot - or cassettes he found on the street during these travels, or
which were in the machines as he bought them in a thrift shop or
simply cassettes given to him by
friends. He combines all of these in quite an interesting collage of
sound. Here on Side A it's all the more vivid kind of stuff, with
rapid cuts and changes, making this almost like lo-fi version of Nurse
With Wound; field recordings, voices and chopped up music: it's all to
be found in here. The other side is more curious. Maybe also a collage
of some kind, but most of the time very quiet, with very few sound
information. It's more alike a microphone picking up hardly any
signals in an empty room. It's more curious than great this side, but
in the world of Van Alebeek it probably makes perfect sense: silence
is a rhythm too. Probably Van Alebeek doesn't call music but a
narration. Quite rightly so, I think. (FdW)
Address: http://lonktaar.blogspot.it/

Matt Davignon
Music: http://mattdavignon.bandcamp.com
Podcast: http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com
Also: http://ribosomemusic.tumblr.com/