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RE: Midi Foot Controller - Which One?

firstWOW!  Thanks for all the advice and feedback - juts reading thru now - will respond, where pertinent, in order received:

Amy X Neuburg, your idea was a first consideration but you also mentioned the reason it wouldn't work - my song list is never in the same order, so I'd have to have the option of keying stored 'songs' in order.  Wouldn't have the time to change it before every show.  Still, your method would save adding yet another piece of gear.  Plus it is organically cool in some way

Bill Walker, considered the Softstep w/expander idea - still not off the table - and the offer of your FC50 is sweet!  wouldn't that also require linear song choices like Amy's idea?  It's important that I can call songs up like 'scenes' in a lighting rig in any order the set length and dynamic require.  Linear is still a lot of clicking up and/or down.  Also, I really want a large LED readout that shows a SONG TITLE so I don't have to remember which 'scene' # goes with which song.  Both the TC Minor and Midi Mouse are Numeric only - which means I'd have to have a cheat sheet onstage to know which numbers go where

Ivodne Galatea , I do like the PEAK (http://www.peak2005.com/j/midi-foot-controllers/23--fcb4x-programmable-midi-foot-controller-with-blue-lcd.html I think it is very similar to the Liquid Foot - this option is still on the table.

Hoby Ebert, the Disaster Area boxes are neat, but still only numerical readout - my memory is used for lots of things during a gig and there isn't cranial space available to remember which numbers on the Midi Controller correspond with which song - has to be a larger/more characters LED for me :/

Luca, Gordius is still a possibility - it would fill my current needs and grow with me.  I am almost certain that making this transition with my rig will be a baby step towards configs that could outgrow the smaller units.  I am only anxious that the learning curve will be steep, although I'm in no rush…

Andy Butler, yeah, the Yamaha is off the table - although it would work, too big - latency does matter also…not for loopers but for songs that transition without a break between them…and mid-song patch changes…

You folks Rock!  I will keep the group posted about which direction I go and how things work out.


P.S. If you're not on Facebook much, you'll miss the 'fun' promotional posts about my newest CD (oh darn, right?...) but the extensive liner notes along with song previews are available for gear/process geeks at http://cdbaby.com/cd/rejyna3 - - - I recorded all the music for this release on a single JamMan Solo using multiple memory slots for variations that were then later assembled/massaged in SoundForge, the vocals were tracked on a DigiTech GNX4 - no tape machines, virtual multi tracks or DAW's were harmed in the making of this experiment - it is a good study for the frugal and surpassingly acceptable fidelity that this process has produced - plus for an old progger to make 'marginally danceable' 'fringe pop' music is a sound everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime…peace all \,,/