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Re: Multiplier - Strymon Timeline lacks it - but where is it present?

Matthias Grob used to do it on a digital delay by typing in the delayy 

The EDP was the first hardware looper to have multiply, and inventor 
Matthias implemented
it in a very user friendly way.

no unamed engineers involved ;-)

Apart from that:

the Vox VDL-1 has a fairly similar Multiply via it's "Resample" function.

The Looperlative  LP-1 has what we might call an "Instant Multiply" to 2x, 
3x, 4x,
it also allow to copy from one loop to another doing a Multiply, and
I think this was implemented on user's request based on their experiences 
with EDP
( exactly the EDP 'LoopCopy' function ).

It's generally considered that Multiply is unnecessary when parallel 
tracks are available,
and indeed the effect for the user is very similar ( *if sesnsibly 
Bit of a shame I think.

Oh, and a Multiply is possible on the old Lexicon JamMan, in delay mode.
(but not rounded to a whole number of loops)

ps thanks for de-munging the Strymon post :-)

On 11/11/2014 02:10, Ivodne Galatea wrote:
Something I would love on the Timeline and has been present elsewhere is a 
multiplier. Record short pattern, then instruct "16 of these to a loop". 
The Boomerang makes this possible indirectly it through a slave track feature, but 
that still requires perfect timing.
What hardware loopers have this capability? I know there are software 
loopers that have it, please feel free to mention them too