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Mobius challenge

Hi Mobi-ites:

I have a programming assignment in Mobius for a piece composed for me by 
someone else.
Maybe this is simple but I‘m all thumbs with synching stuff… 

These enter in the order shown:

Track 1 = 1 beat (of a 4-beat bar)
Track 2 = 16 beats (or 4 bars)
Track 3 = 4 beats (or 1 bar)
Track 4 = 16 beats, same as Track 2.

I’d love to be able to do this idiot-proof-ly, without having to hit 
multiply start and stop. Like Instant Multiply and then Instant Divide and 
then Instant Multiply, but Multiply only goes up to 4. Should I use a 
Or is there some other synch thing I should try? I have in the past been 
using Copy Timing as I switch from one loop to the next, when I want all 4 
loops to synch up, but I know that’s not the most efficient way….

Thanks all!

Amy X Neuburg