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Re: tempo control with expression pedal?

On 2014-11-12 23:39, Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin wrote:

I'm wondering if you've come across a hardware delay or loop pedal
that can control a loop's tempo with an expression pedal.

Well, Repeater should be able to do this, using the time-stretch function.

You can also get something like the LP-1 to do it (via the external aux outs) on individual loops as well. Although you've got to use an external pitch-shift device in conjunction with it, so the settings can get tricky.

Both those are rack-mount devices, and you'll likely need to use a MIDI expression pedal to control the functions. I'm not aware of anything self-contained on the floor that would do time-stretch/compression without altering the pitch.

If you're using a single loop -- or if you're okay to have all the loops summed together and altered -- then you might be able to chain a pedal-based looper and a pedal-based pitch-shifter. Just as with the LP-1, you're going to have to get tricky with the settings. But you might get decent results using one of the Eventide floor units for your pitch-change, for instance.

Frankly, it may be easier to just go laptop. Ableton does thing kind of thing in its sleep.