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Re: tempo control with expression pedal?

On 2014-11-16 14:14, andy butler wrote:
You won't be able to match speeds with an expression pedal.

You'd need tap time to match the tempo, and a Restart of the loop
to get it in sync. ( well as you're resterting the loop at the chorus
that's ok )

Only looper I'm familiar with that would do this is the
Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man,and I have synced
a loop to a band using the technique.


Two quick questions (okay, a question and a thought rather). First, won't the SMM mess with the pitch when it resyncs the loop, or does it have a true time-stretch function implemented?

Second, I think I'm with you that it may be easier to use something other than an expression pedal for this. I was thinking you might have more success using something like the crossfader on a DJ console. Or perhaps any other slider with a center detent. Tap tempo is probably a good option too.

But I'd agree that this is not likely to be easy. Even though DJ's frequently match tempos, they're usually matching beats, not pitch (and they're doing it with headphones listening to both tracks simultaneously; not estimating and stop/starting new tracks).