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For those not on Facebook...

Good day all - wanted to 'shamelessly' share uploaded cuts from my new CD with those who're not glued to their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Each song was recorded using multiple memory slots on a single JamMan Solo (before I had my current 6-looper setup) - I recorded the initial loop and subsequent variations in mono.  I then loaded these into SoundForge and stitched them together, adding pre-verbs, puesdo-stereo and other effects before rendering out as an uncompressed instrumental stem.  This was loaded onto a GNX4 pedal-based 'DAW', where I tracked lead vocals to their own tracks.  The vocals were 'dressed' separately in SoundForge and rendered out.  The music stem and the vocal stem were arranged and layered in video editing software (Pinnacle and Vegas), rendered out and that final was then 'mastered' in SoundForge.  I did not intend to proceed in this fashion but the 'why's' are a whole different story - probably won't do it this way next time either…but -

All instruments go thru the board (Yamaha MG82CX) to get to the looper thru the fx send.  No midi guitar on this CD except a track I haven't uploaded yet.  Guitars are an Ovation Balladeer and a Yamaha APX500II - both going thru the Boss GT3 for all sounds except the Tyler Mountain Ovation-style mandolin that is on two tracks.  The drums are me playing a Yamaha DD55 set into the looper thru the board.  The vocals go thru a Digitech Vocalist Live Pro for compression and occasional harmonies, it should be obvious I don't use pitch correction and most harmonies were tracked instead of using the Vocalist for everything.  The vocal mic's for BG vocals is the ATM73a headset and the lead vocals were sung thru an SM57.  I used what I had on hand to meet hard time availability constraints and to get it 'done and move on'…

The vocals were written (I believe it is best described as Jon Anderson-style), where phonetic mumblings are first recorded and then words are found to match those mumblings - those words are then further manipulated to uncover any available concept that was 'channeled' in the mumblings.  I find that process more fun than trying to contrive lyrics to a predetermined theme.  Lyrics are important to me but I look for sonic rhymes and odd meter as style choices.  Even though I have spasmodic dysphonia, I am gaining vocal strength, increased range and stamina with every passing year, seems muscles often recover best through careful use. 

Five tracks with lyrics are uploaded on my 'maxed out' ReverbNation page here: http://www.reverbnation.com/playlist/view_playlist/3512008
Those tracks with lyrics, and a new one, plus future tracks will be on my SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/rejyna/sets/idio-selected-cuts

The complete liner notes and lyrics are posted on my blog here: http://citadelsongs.wordpress.com/2014/09/28/idio-cd-pre-release-10-14-14-liner-notes-and-tour-dates/

Wow, that is long windedstill I share with this obsessed few with intent of showing how the JamMan and other basic equipment can often be good enough to run with - in a DIY indie way at least.

If you have time to listen, you have my sincere gratitude.  Many have already listened and commented and I so appreciate that!  If you are inclined to share or comment, please do so.  This is new ground for me and there are many different styles here, as well as many flaws and embedded 'oops' moments.  The CD can be downloaded at cdbaby.com/cd/rejyna 3 - physical discs are on their way to CDBaby and shortly, the iTunes, etc folks will have them.  I plan to make some vids showing the process

Peace all!