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Matt Davignon Remix album now available

Hi all,

My remix album, "Matt Davignon is Sticks and Rocks", is currently
available as a free download at: https://mattdavignon.bandcamp.com/

For this one, artists were invited to use tracks from my 4 drum
machine CDs ("Bwoo", "SoftWetFish", "Living Things" and "The 3am
Music")  as source material for creating new songs.

They were encouraged to use samples from multiple tracks if desired,
and to deviate from the musical themes of the original tracks. They
were also allowed to bring in external sound sources, but only a few

On Bandcamp, it's a "Name your price" download, which means you can
download it for free. Any income generated from this record will be
used for supplies for San Francisco's Luggage Store music series, such
as cables, power strips, and ideally a new mixer for the sound system.

01 Sirens
02 Toaster - The Fnord AM Music
03 Tim Walters - Reliving Things
04 Jonathan Segel - Snake Eater
05 Myles Boisen - The Freshwater Firefly's Soft Polyps
06 Matt Davignon - Melodica
07 Rick Walker - Bwack and Bwoo
08 Subnaught - AM the Music 3
09 Andrew Weathers - Stitches & Mends
10 Selaroda - Selarodavignon
11 Nat Grant - dotdotdot blind (semicolon) gazing dotdotdot
12 John Connell - Sculpture of a Snowshoe Hare Lying in the Grass
13 Sylvain Poitras - Ruined Gong
14 Nux Vomica - Metamorphosis Behaviour Of Megalopae
15 Matt Davignon - Shivering Tarmac

Matt Davignon
Music: http://mattdavignon.bandcamp.com
Podcast: http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com
Also: http://ribosomemusic.tumblr.com/