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Re: OT: Holiday song

What a great idea... ! 

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On Dec 3, 2014, at 12:45 PM, Jean-Paul De Roover <me@jeanpaulderoover.com> wrote:

Hey everyone!

We're still at the beginning of December, so I wanted to make sure you all got the link to this year's holiday song. No, it's not looped, but you guys have enjoyed the past few years' tracks so I figured I'd share it. Typically my recording process does involve looping, but for this one we ended up re-recording all my loops with live performers instead!

It's now become an annual thing where Dining Room Studios (here in Thunder Bay, ON) and I record our interpretation of a holiday classic, usually featuring a guest performer. 

Our featured guest this year is The Seaside Villains, an upbeat punk/ska band from here in Thunder Bay. On top of them we have some additional guest players (see the credits for more information). We decided to do our own version of Feliz Navidad (originally by Jose Feliciano), and naturally found a way to blend reggae and punk (completed with a slide guitar and an a cappella section) to make the song extra fun! 

You can listen to Feliz Navidad on my website or on Soundcloud where you can also download it for free. Listen to the other holiday songs there as well!

Happy holidays everyone!

Jean-Paul De Roover
performer | composer | producer

(807) 251-3376

Check out the new video for "One By One"