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Re: post your issues with loop machines

On 05/12/2014 13:50, jrploopers wrote:
Thank you, Andy!
Love that EH undocumented feature, thinking to buy one actually, as the 
pitching sounds intriguing!

Downside is that on Rec you have to hold the switch for the duration of 
the loop, which
makes accurate timing much harder.

As for reposting the chart on livelooping.org: why not? Right now it is in 
a kind of database format, which wouldn't be easy to convert to your kind 
of html, but maybe i can make a pdf from this.
You'll find the current version (really just a start) here:

very promising

Some Lexicon JamMan things:-
1) HF loss is confirmed. ( connected to the 32kHz sample rate).
2) Series loop feature is very much compromised by the fact that the loops
   are all the same size. Hence only practical if synced (e.g.to drum 
3) Without mem upgrade it's 8s, not 9
4) Can only Restart loop via midi, but slow response time to midi commands 
spoils this feature.
5) Fade in loop mode (midi only) is glitchy at loop start/end



On Dec 5, 2014, at 2:01 PM, Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com 

RC-50 didn't sync to incoming midi-clock ( er..you better check that, I'm 
fairly certain)

RC-50 response to external midi commands was advertised, but the 
implementation was vestigal,
                        just enough of a feature to make the advertising 
not actually a lie ...but not useable.

Vox VDL-1 does *not* do infinite overdubs as claimed. Not that you'd 
actually want to do that.
                    (sound quality degrades seriously after 20 layers or 

Vox VDL-1 doesn't really support series loops as is claimed. It's kind of 
possible, but harder to do than using 2 seperate devices.

Boomerang 3 . Use of term "Brothersync" is misleading. The term was coined 
by EDP inventor Matthias Grob to describe
              his system where 2 devices could sync together freely both 
ways without a master slave relationship
              having to be established. The Rang is Master>Slave only.

and the EH Stereo MemoryMan with Hazari has a great feature which *isn't* 
documented. When it comes out of bypass
while there's a loop in it's memory it starts to play from the beginning 
of the loop.

would you like to put this chart up on livelooping.org ?