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2014 San Antonio LoopFest: wrap up report and video links.

Hey all,

This is a quick wrap of of the S.A. fest and a list links to performers
I've finished with all of the footage for the 2014 San Antonio LoopFest
and have it posted on youtube.

The entire festival playlist link is here:

There were some really fun and interesting acts this.  We ended up with a
mini-showcase event the night before at the Luminaria Festival in downtown
San Antonio.  Performers were The Josh Glenn Experiment, Noah Peterson,
Just Alliance, Mike Why, and James Sidlo.  The place was packed with walk
through traffic from a estimated crowds of over 100,000. Every artist was
able to perform to at least 100-500 people throughout their set.

The main event night had a smaller crowd of about 300 throughout the night
with most artists having between 20 and 75 people to perform for.  The 2nd
was streamed online and had few viewers from the U.S, Canada, and Europe.

We did have a Blue Moon Brewing and SMARTsa as sponsors. We had posters
up, flyers out, a couple of radio interviews, a couple of radio ads, and
some grass-roots support.  It was a beautiful night of music.  Of all the
festivals this one was my favorite over-all. I had a lot of help and I
think it showed.

I did not get complete video footage of the festival. I missed CIAN, The
Winkler, and most of FreshFX's set. I am bummed.

For those on FB, I'm the middle of posting these in the groups right now.

I've attempted to organize and archive the footage for ease of those who
want to watch it. You can also go to www.sanantonioloopfest.com and click
on the names to get direct to their footage and you can see 2013 archived
footage as well.

Mike Why: Vocal Looper, Philadelphia, PA
Very powerful performer. Phrase looper. Fun and funny.
6 video playlist

FreshFX: Vocal Looper, Columbus, OH
Complete improv. Pretty wicked musical ideas. Phrase looper.
3 video playlist

James Sidlo: Guitar, San Antonio, TX
Ambient looper, melodic.  Lush and delicious
single video - uninterrupted set

Noah Peterson: Sax, San Antonio, TX
Phrase looper. Mix of improved groove and song performance.
6 video playlist

Joe Trevino: Guitar/Vocal, San Antonio, TX
Phrase looper. Long, epic, indie rock.
3 video playlist

Josh Glenn Experiment: Guitar/Vocal, San Antonio, TX
Phrase Looper. Pop.
6 video playlist

Just Alliance: Vocal Looper, Las Vegas, NV
Phrase Looper. Super-processed sounds.  Very techy. Fun to watch


Thanks to all of them for a great weekend of looping!

Please enjoy their music.


Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209