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Slightly OT:

I use my fav digital delay (Vestax DDG-1) as a short interval looper (up 
to 1024ms), but it is slowly giving up to work, and they are very rare.

Does anybody have a tip of todays new pedals/ztable units (not rack 
mount!) for the following delay features:

- behaves like a tape upon delay time change (like a EHX SMMH in loop mode)
- dedicated hold switch (not momentary - just circles delay buffer until 
switched off, input to buffer switched off, no fade)
- delay time modulation with separate depth and speed control, capable of 
extreme settings, approx. from 0.05 Hz to at least 20 Hz
- has a separate dial for a delay time multiplication, e.g. 0.5x - 2x, 
furthermore if delay dial is already at 0.5x, then resulting range would 
be 1-4x and vice versa for the other extreme.
- writes slices of live signal into delay buffer at moentary buffer 
position, when fast on/off-switching the hol. 
- stereo would be nice, but mono already works with me.

you probably won't find much ddg-1 live examples anywhere, however, the 
1980s rack mount predecessor vesta fire dig 411b is technically the same 
unit, though mono. But any rack unit is too big for my travel setup.
recently checked out the super awesome death by audio echo dream 2, but it 
is missing the hold switch.  

any hints on otehr product or diy things? thanx a lot!