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Re: Triple play again

On 06/01/2015 22:51, In Mobile wrote:

Not sure though the note extraction is that quick. I do indeed remember 
also that Axon/terratec stuff did extract pitch information from the 
transient, then confirming/following using conventional pitch to midi. I 
*seeem* to remember the best tracking at the time meant a processing time 
of about 15ms.
Tablet/PC softwares claim 6 ms (though it did not check the reality of the 
claim). If not deluded, a 100 Hz fundamental would mean a period of 10ms. 
But transient extraction if accurate wouldn't have to wait for a full 
period ?

You're not deluded.

"While the GR-300 barely takes three milliseconds to respond, the VG-99/GR-300 
took about 23 milliseconds on average."


It seems that the 3mS response is achieved without pitch extraction.

The first "VCO" isn't an oscillator at at, rather a saw tooth generator 
which is reset every cycle.
(and clipped to even out volume)

However the second oscillator is tunable and presumably a true VCO, I'd 
guess that it trails the first (?)