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Bidule crashes when Mobius in Host sync mode

I'm experiencing an unexpected Bidule crash when I setup Mobius to be synched to the Bidule transport.
If I setup Mobius as the master (Out), I have no problems.

But, in Host sync mode, when the Mobius pins output are connected to a mixer (from which the signal is addressed to my FIreface 400 output device) or when connected straight to the Fireface output device, Bidule crashes.
If I disconnect the virtual cables going from the Mobius pins output to the main output, it works and also the sync works as it is intended to be.
If I connect all the cables, the crash happens when I switch Mobius parameter in Bidule to "sync to" the bidule transport.
Then, it seems like ther's a conflict between Bidule and Mobius related to handling the audio...but I cannot see how to resolve this.
Any help ?