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2014 SoCal LoopFest Video Directory

Hey everybody,

Here it is... the final footage directory.  The 2014 Southern California

If you just want it all and you want it now - here it is:
65 videos

I hope you have enjoyed the concert footage of all my fests.  It was
months of work, but I think it's a tremendous resource for all loopers.  I
hope you use it for your edification and entertainment.

A couple of notes:  I did get 2nd camera footage and an audio feed from
the venue.  Most of it was corrupted and the audio feed was generally bad.
Plus it had late starts and cut-offs. I pretty much abandoned it early on
although it is the only footage for Just Alliance and the last half of his
set was on a corrupted disc and unseable.

The event was streamed live on both days.  Got just about everything
captured on my camera.  A few videos did not make the cut from Jean-Paul
De Roover due to copyright issues on youtube from his label basically
sayings screw you, we don't care if he gave you permission to use this
video, we're going to file infringement claims.  I just pulled them down -
it's nothing you haven't seen before anyhow. And it looks like I lost one
video of Per Boysen somewhere.

Boss U.S National looper Champion SuperTall Paul Newman:  A large portion
of his set was comedy in a vaudevillian style including a couple of lovely
tunes of him and ukulele. However, those tunes were not looped and
therefore not included.  Neither was a good portion of his "performance"
that was comedy.  However, a couple of his "tunes" give a great example of
what was going down between songs.  He was hilarious and awesome!

Got a whole pile of newbies to our little corner of the universe here. 
Lots of fun.  Highlights: Super Tall Paul Newman, Daniel Park out of Las
Vegas - yowza!!!, Per Boysen (in my opinion his BEST performances of the
tour), and me - I felt my tune Rip This was the best I had ever done it, I
was on the verge of kicking this tune out of my playlist forever until I
saw the video.   Notable newbies: Sander Rosceo Wolff, Zack Walters,
Strictly Albert, Jeff Kaiser, and riz orkestra.  (Not newbies to looping,
just new to the video archives)

I monkeyed around with video effects on my stuff just to see what if, most
of it is pretty hacky but fun.  I chose not to do that to other performer
footage as I didn't want to upset anyone.

Venue was great, sound was good, stage was great, and we're returning
there for 2015.

Videos are already being posted on the FB groups and I should be done
posting them fairly quickly.

Noah Peterson - San Antonio, TX: 9 videos
Sax, phrase looper, songs

Rejyna - L.A. California : 6 videos
guitar, drums, vocals, phrase looper, rock

Sander Roscoe Wolff - Long Beach, California : 2 videos
various instruments, ambient

Daniel Park - Las Vegas, Nevada: 8 videos
guitar, vocals, violin, phrase looper, pop tunes

Super Tall Paul Newman - L.A California: 5 videos
ukulele, sax, ewi, phrase looper, pop tunes

Zack Walters - Long Beach, California : 7 videos
guitar, vocals, phrase looper, pop tunes

Strictly Albert - San Francisco, California: 1 video
electronic drums and sample, ambient

ANI - San Francisco, California: 1 video
Ipad, EDM

Mandoman - Osaka, Japan: 1 video
mandolin, ambient

Jeff Kaiser - San Diego, California: 1 video
trumpet, ambient/avant-garde

riz orkestra - somewhere in California: 1 video
guitar, jam

Jean-Paul De Roover - Canada: 3 videos

Cian - Guadalajara, Mexico: 6 videos
duo loopers, vocal, bass, phrase loopers, pop tunes

Mike Why - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 6 videos
vocals, prhase looper, pop tunes

Just Alliance - Las Vegas, Nevada: 3 videos
vocals, phrase looper, pop tune

Per Boysen - Stockholm, Sweden: 6 videos
chapman stick, ambient

See ya'll in the fall!


Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209