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Overview of iPad midi please?


I had been using my iPad (very old iPad1) a while back with a custom TouchOSC layout I had made for my edps and repeater.
I stopped doing it a year or so ago, when we discovered my wife was electrosensetive and couldnt stand WiFi, and I was using the very excellent "missing Link" which now seems to be defunct)

Anyway. Id now like to bring it out of hiding and not only use it again for looping, but Ive been working on a layout for my Roland D2 groovebox, which has become (quite surprisingly for me) one of my favourite bits of kit, despite being orange...

So now Im wondering about the midi thing.. what can I do hardware wise to get my iPad sending good old regular midi.
In the TouchOSC authoring tool, I was before making OSC commands to send to the Missing Link, that needed OSC. I was using the tool that was before at Jrárbrudian Industries, but thats down now.. (oh wait... its here... http://www.xmlizer.net/hansLindauer/midiapp.html)

But if I can get my iPad talking via a cable (using a dock or something,) then surely then I can just enter normal midi commands, instead of using OSC?

I realise Im rambling so I summarise.

1, Can I get midi out of an iPad1
2, Can I use midi commands in my TouchOSC set up,instead of OSC then?

Oh and before anyone asks.. NO THERE IS NO /NEVER... ANY COMPUTER IN MY SET-UP!
Im a HARD hard-ware guy!