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Re: Rhythm Question

On 28/05/2015 18:42, Kevin Cheli-Colando wrote:
I'm a guitarist primarily

I don't know a great answer to your question...but let's see what Rick 
comes up with.
(also I don't know if you have the following covered already)

Maybe have a listen to how the bass works with the drums on a groove that 
you like.
Typically a straight drum beat sounds good when the bass pushes against it.
If the bass can avoid playing on the snare that's good too.

With guitar, paying attention to the rhythmic position of end of the note, 
as well as to the beginning
is something that helps. The "dreaded" string damping I know...but 
staccato is great for de-stodging the groove.

Maybe think of the guitar part as decoration, and not backbone.