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Re: More Mobius clarification needed

If it works; yes, that's what I mean.
If it doesn't work I was probably thinking about something else.
I think I would like to also try a "Wait cycle" as the second line of
the second if statement. Reason: to not mess up the track sync when
going out of the Speed mode. If Speed mode starts and stops at cycle
cusps the track sync will still work among several parallel tracks.
You may find that some track's loops end up a cycle or two late or
early, but that can be fixed by Realign. I personally like a looper a
bit free-wheeling so you can mess shit up and get back on business
again when needed.

Good question about the global retrigger. I had forgot about it but
fact is that I never found a good command in Mobius for that back in
the day when I set it up (must be ten years almost exactly now) so I'm
still relying on this script I was given by the hurdy-gurdy world
champion Matthias Loibner (pasting it in below)

Remember, if using Mac OS every script must end with at least one
empty line break at the bottom. Otherwise the L∞P Police with bust
your butt.


!name GRetrigger

Variable Muted
Variable saveSwitchQuant
For all
 set saveSwitchQuant $switchQuant
 set switchQuant subcycle
 set Muted $mode
 Jump MuteAgain Muted = Mute
 Jump goon

 Label MuteAgain

 Label goon
 set switchQuant $saveSwitchQuant


Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Sun, May 31, 2015 at 11:35 PM, bill walker <wildbillwalker@icloud.com> 
> Is this what you mean Per?
> !name replacespdtogglev6
> if mode = play
> Wait cycle
> SpeedToggle
> replace
> endif
> if mode = replace
> SpeedToggle
> Play
> endif
> end
>  also is global retrigger on a more recent version Mobius or did you 
> create a script for that??
> sharing is caring
> Thanks
>  Bill