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Re: More Mobius clarification needed

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 6:13 PM, bill walker <wildbillwalker@icloud.com> 
> so far the answers seem confusing to me and I think its because Im not 
> articulating my needs well.

Well articulated! :-)

Bill, I remember the cool things you did with the LP1, and I guess
also with the EDP; jumping between HalfSpeed and FullSpeed while you
were playing. That way you came up with nice syncopated rhythms and
interesting time measures. That inspired me too and I tried to do it
with Mobius but never had a any success as long as I was starting and
stopping the process inside a cycle. But similar processing work fine
here when scripts are started and stopped at cycle cusps; with the
total running length defined within the script - no pedalling around
except for telling the script to start at the next upcoming cycle

But hey - you said you are going to use it for "fake shakers" and I
can share something on that. I'm finding that to work ok here also
BEFORE starting to the session. If I put the Mobius looper (standalone
in no sync - all master - mode) into "speed -12" or "speed -24" I'm
using a special script for my Record Button switch that has an IF
statement to "set speed 0" if any other speed is going on. What this
means that any sound I make for the first loop I will create is
instantly being transposed up, speeded up, and played back as double
speed/pitch audio - voilá: SHAKERS!!!!  I love to also use it for
kicking off a session with super fast speed break beats.

I have several versions of such an alternate Record Button script, but
here's a good one. Oh, and it also reverses your fist loop IF you make
it with Mobius pre set into Reverse Mode.... can be pretty nice for a
change. You can memorise a good speech and record it sounding retarded
and have the first loop play back in totally proper American (good
hint for your L∞Per's Brunch speech this year!) Sorry, enough
un-looped ramblings now, here it is:

!name Record Button
Message Record to Speed/Reverse ---> GReset

if mode != record

else if inHalfSpeed

else if inOverdub

else if inReverse

else if rateshift 24
RateShift 0

else if rateshift 23
RateShift 0

else if rateshift 22
RateShift 0

else if rateshift 12
RateShift 0

else if rateshift -24
RateShift 0

else if rateshift -23
RateShift 0

else if rateshift -22
RateShift 0

else if rateshift -12
RateShift 0

else if SpeedOctave 2

else if SpeedOctave -1



!sustain 1000

Label sustain
if sustainCount=1


In case you're already up and running with a looping session I guess a
simple script to just dip down Speed for a Cycle will give you a
chance to do some Fake Shakers or whatever.

!name Faker Shaker
Message Fake Me All Night Long

Wait cycle
Wait cycle


I have not tried this last one but my inner L∞P fairy whispers that it
will be ok. Note that depending on what speed you currently are at it
will take you to the other speed at the next cycle cusp, for a cycle's
time. And a cycle in HalpSpeed means longer absolute time than a cycle
in Normal- or DoubleSpeed.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen