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More Mobius clarification needed

Per, I have found  several command pairings that work without actually writing a script, but before I explain them I want to know do I have to use a particular text type when creating a script? I tried to write one with modifications as you suggested and I wrote it in Pages on a Mac and I loaded it to Mobius, created a midi note preset and it did nothing…. do I have to convert that Pages format to some other?

 So here are the command pairings that are working for me without writing a script, 
    Record and Speed Toggle can work great for creating a double speed first track, but doesn't work great on other tracks and is limited as a preset , unless you don't care about syncing each new track to the first.
   Replace and speed toggle work better on a track that is synced to the first but even better with  tighter alignment  if the command is ended by another command combining Speed Toggle and Play, 
  Another combo is Speed Toggle Reverse and Play which I use to come out of a track that has been recording at half speed.
 Another combo is sustain substitute and sustain speed toggle, that is way fun
 again I stress these are not scripts, just combining two or three commands on one midi note trigger Its been hit and miss trying these different  pairings, for example don't trying ending a multiply command with the reverse speed toggle play command or you will freeze Mobius I started trying these because I wasn't  understanding script making very well even though I have a few scripts I use that I picked up from others. Just laziness really, wanting to play with the machine instead of reading an online manual. Its been a fun exploration thus far
 Thanks again