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Re: Rhythm Question

Mark Hamburg wrote:

On the subject of live looping, it leads back to an old question: if you program a drum machine or a sequencer live — see also http://youtu.be/SJATWDV2ysM

is that live looping or does live looping also expect some physical sound creation?

*That's a question that everyone has to answer for themselves and I don't think there's a definitive answer, but my working definition for the Y2K Live Looping Festivals is that people *

*have to be actively either creating the sounds or they have to be morphing them in such way that it's not obvious that a sample sequencer is being used; *

*and then they have to loop the results in front of an audience.

*Matt Davignon, as an example, is an artist who's sole palette is from an inexpensive drum machine, but he triggers the sounds by hand and morphs them into *

*timbral symphonies and then loops the results live so I don't question him. In that respect, how does it differ from a keyboardist who uses a synthesier or *

*sampler to then loop the results of their playing?

* Currently, it's so easy to put a bunch of pre-recorded clips in Ableton LIVE*

*and just trigger them............to me: On some levels this approaches be aesthetic of being a DJ...........a very definite artform but not live looping, in my opinion.

The bar needs to be set a little higher than that for the festivals I produce. There, to me, is a an expectation that goes with calling something live looping. *

*I know, however, that many, different people have different takes on that *

*aesthetic subject and many of the other Y2K Festivals do not have those expectations, which is entirely cool by me. *


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