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More Mobius clarification needed

Todd  said:
"a short video would be helpful, probably for Jeff Larson as well, just in 
case there's actually a mobius issue. Greetings to you Bill.  Erdem and I 
were just reflecting the other day as to how nice it would be to have you 
more local to us both"

Thanks Todd!!!  I wish I lived closer to  you fine fresh fellows as well , 
and thanks for being one of the people, like per and Daniel Thomas who 
steered me toward Mobius in the first place, or do I really mean, Curse 
you Todd Reynolds for opening a Pandora's box of unmitigated technology 
Hell!!!!!! depending on the  moment,  either statement can be true ;) Ill 
get on some of Per's suggestions and see if I can't finally get over 
myself and try to write a script like an adult!
Thanks dudes