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Yesterday night I unplugged from my MacBook power cables, USB cables and the Fireface 400 to 800 adaptor cable (standard Belkin cable) and used ìt for an hour or so for mixing work.
This morning, after I re-connected all my gear, the RME fireface is NOT recognized.
The "host" led in the front of the RME audio interface shows a red color - instead of orange. 
In fact, I can't get NO sound and when I open Bidule, after a few seconds loading, a window appears with the message "audio driver times out on play".

I've tried to switch All the gear off and on, unplugged and plug ed the cables, but the problem still persists.

Fact is that I have a gig in the next 7 days and I really don't know how to solve this weird problem.
Any help would be deeply appreciated.