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Live Looping EP

Hi there,

I'm not a very active member of this thread but I follow it... I've just posted 4 videos on youtube, which make up a continuous live set. The whole thing is all cinematic live looping. If it's ok by everyone, I'll post each of the 4 parts week by week here and on the Facebook group. 

Here is part 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAV_i7nWX4Y&index=1&list=PLuEVXuKeM1rMuAzTWHcpKxEhD721M1SBv

I'd really love to hear what the looping community make of it, I got into looping unintentionally having finished a solo album and needing a way of playing it live by myself. It wasn't planned necessarily but I ended up putting a huge amount of work into putting the set together, really hope people like it.

Many thanks, Sam Thomas.