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Re: Spatial Effects

Can the TimeFactor do tape echo or analog echo simulations while doing independent stereo delays? One of the things that I like about the TC Nova (and TC's other delay pedals) is that the dual delay settings are available for all delay tones, not just a specific dual digital delay. The TC Nova Delay will even do ducking in combination with analog or tape effects and dual delays though sadly I don't think their ducking works as well as Line 6's. (As with the auto swell, I think Line 6 has managed to hit on really good envelope response.) On the other hand, much as I like aspects of the TC delays, I also get frustrated with them — particularly with the Alter Ego X4 which has some nice delay models but brain dead interaction between presets, tempo, and _expression_ pedal settings. (Brain dead interaction that could probably be fixed by having a position on the time knob that just meant "use the currently tapped tempo".)

Now, what would be really fun is dual delay lines with _expression_ pedal controlled feedback v cross-feedback a la at least one of the algorithms on the Vortex.


On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 10:09 AM, bill walker <wildbillwalker@icloud.com> wrote:
Im very satisfied using two Neunaber products and an Eventide time factor to create my spatial and ambient  effects, the Eventide does the heavy lifting of delays, usually stereo though it  sums nicely to mono if needed. Im also always controlling delay tempo via midi from my looper. I like using two different subdivisions at the same time to create a syncopated delay that enhances the stereo spread. These include 1/4 note and dotted 1/8th note together for  4/4 time, and triplet 1/4 or 1/8th against 1/4 note or 1/8th note for 12/8 feel.  _expression_ pedal control is usually increasing both  mix depth and feedback as I move from heel to toe.Then I use a Neunaber  V2 Seraphim shimmer verb which has 4 presets controlled by an EXP switcher, two types of shimmer verb,( essentially a reverb with a high octave delay trail), and two type of Wet reverb, in both cases the depth control is actually moving through different room sizes that get bigger as the depth increases, culminating in a very large near infinite reverb. Then I use another wet reverb pedal, loaded with an echelon echo preset that uses a soft scatter delay algorithm  that scatters and diffuses quickly after the initial delay pulse.This particular echo is somewhat unique in that the mix control is actually controlling how much direct signal is routed to the delay. This is very handy in creating echo blooms with not initial note attack sounding, if I use an _expression_ pedal and play a chord while in heal down position and move quickly to toe down. The _expression_ pedal is essential for me when using these effects as I can make my reverbs deepen and grow in length with my pedal position.  The Mission expressionator has become absolutely essential for harnessing the power of these three effects processors as I can control the overall depth of each effect individually , or I can control all three pedals effects depth at once, using a single _expression_ pedal  as an example I like to strum a chord or play a note with a relatively dry sound and use the _expression_ pedal to bloom the note . Kind of like walking from an acoustically dead room, in to a stairwell.  What I like about this method is it sounds very natural to me, not like stereo phase shifting and filtering effects that sound very obvious to me, like fake wind. I like both the filter pong and band delay settings on the Eventide, though I use them much less often the ducking delay, reverse delay and modulation delay algorithms. Here are a couple links to Neunaber and Mission.  Everyone here is already aware of that Eventide company. Speaking of which, I know how crazy everyone is over the new H-9's , but I really wish they had kept the same size pedal format as their other pedals and not gotten rid of the extra foot pedal port,  On my Time Factor I have both the _expression_ pedal and a three button footswitch attached, The three button footswitch allows me to remotely control the hold function, and have individual control over the right and left delays feedback, making it easy to jump from single repeat to  110% self oscilation on either delay. That being said, Im still lusting after an H-9.