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Re: Sharing Some Music

Hey Tony

Thanks, yeah both recordings were done with the gibson. Wish I had two.

I think there are probably more experienced loopers on this mailing list to give you tips but the main ones I guess specially if you want to do something on the lines of Phil Keaggy is to play with the loopers all the time so you can get accustom to using them. If you haven’t done much looping before try not to worry too much about the timing of the loops at first, timing will come as you get used to using the loopers. However if your good guitar player this may not be an issue.

The other thing would be to just experiment with the guitar in all various ways. Its also fun if you have other pedals and book ending the loopers within your pedal chain this will allow you to continuously change the sound of the loops coming out of one of the loopers. This way isn’t really Phil Keaggy's style more weird experimenter but it is quite fun.


On 11 Aug 2015, at 22:58, Tony Beltran <tbeltrans@comcast.net> wrote:

That is some nice work.  In your picture, you show a Gibson Digital Pro.  I picked up a pair of these cheap at Guitar Center about two or three months ago, but mine are the Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro and with one original Oberheim floor pedal.  One has the Loop IV firmware and maxed memory, and the other has the last of the factory Loop III firmware, and I maxed out the memory not too long ago.  The Loop IV firmware for the second one is in the mail as I write this.  I have not had much time to play with these yet, but hope to over the winter.  My interest is in doing something on acoustic guitar like Phil Keaggy does, where the looping is such an inherent part of the tune that you really can't tell it is happening other than that there is more going on than would be without the looper.

If you have any tips on getting started, please do speak up. :)


On 8/11/2015 4:41 PM, James Anthony Leight wrote:

Haven't done any live looping in years so I thought I’d share some from earlier today with you.