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Zoom G2Nu, G2.1Nu MIDI control

HI Jacob,
I happen to read your post in the loopers delight and was facinated with the things you could do using sysex messages.
Was wondering if you were able to read what are the current pedals in a patch?
And also if those pedals were turned ON /OFF ?
I am trying to do this on the zoom G3. I was able to send one sysex message and get an ack back and then send 2 sysex messages and get back what is the current patch that is loaded... (I got this from your site)
Any help you could help would be much appreciated..

What I got from you and moded to work for me...
Send Ack
F0 52 00 59 01 F7

You should get back
F0 52 00 59 00 0B F7 

Send the below to get current patch
F0 52 00 59 50 F7
F0 52 00 59 33 F7