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Lived looping video on YouTube


I have for many years carried out something I call "lived-loooping", which is where I have a looping system on all the time and let people interact with it. It's great fun for all concerned and really opens people minds to new kinds of music.

So I had one set up in awed emulation of Terry Riley using a Pocket Piano, a Septavox and a Strymon El Cap. Bruce (who was setting up a new computer and enjoying a cup or 5 of tea) interacted with it, and I recorded bits with shaky-cam when he was particularly happy.

So here they are stitched together - someone with no keyboard or looping experience lost in the kaleidophone! At then end he turned the two keyboards off and we listened to the sound die away for an hour until it was barely a pitched thrum.

Youtube link for the visually curious (you get to see his hand and the cup of tea)

Soundcloud for the byte-conscious

I hope you enjoy it