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Re: Listing live-looping tools: Any tool you know I might be missing?

Good work :-)

I think you'll find it impossible to get everything on there though, there's just so many
multi-fx/delays which have some kind of looper.
(well, you're aware of that, of course)

Also, there are plenty of people out there who'll use any kind of a delay for looping purposes.

You might want to add
Old stuff:
Lexicon JamMan  ( one of the first available, and still appreciated for it's sound quality)
Zoom 2100 ( ...or leave it out....but was significant for fanatics)

New Stuff
Wally looper (basic but has varispeed)
Nux LoopCore  (or whatever it's called, possibly they do a couple of units that loop)

To get a flavour for those guys who use anything available to loop with, have a look here

Dunnow about the Trio, and Octapad....they don't record sound (afaik).
BUT .....if you wanted to make a case that they are loopers then that's cool.

Lastly, if you're into documenting this stuff why not hook up with livelooping.org ?


On 22/10/2015 16:53, nome que todos podem ver wrote:

I'm trying to list popular tools used by musicians for live-looping today. This would include tools manufactured by music tech industry, prototypes developed in academic researches, iOS/android apps... basically, whatever you could use in your music for live-looping.

I've found these four amazing resources [1][2][3][4] which helped me to get started (thank you people who made them, impressive work!), but I still have a feeling there might be tools missing.

The list so far is here:


Do you know any tool I might be missing? If so, please, let me know in private!

This would help a lot!


PS: This is my first email to this list! :)