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More LoopFests

Greetings all,

While I'm happy to post one final note about LoopFests, I cannot help but
feel grief in my heart for our French friends and anger towards our mutual

This weekend is chance to put some healing vibes of harmony and joy back
into the world.

The San Antonio LoopFest is today 5pm (CST).  www.sanantonioloopfest.com
The Austin LoopFest is tomorrow at 2pm (CST). www.austinloopfest.com

Both have very similar line-ups with a huge Texas representation.  This is
a chance to see and hear loopers that you don't know and haven't heard of.

Kenzie Slottow - Austin, TX
Momentary Gamelan Ensemble - Fort Worth, TX
Lost Son - Austin, TX
Jenuine Cello - Austin, TX
The Josh Glenn Experiment - San Antonio, TX
Breaking Light - Burleson, TX
Tony Rogers - Austin, TX
James Sidlo - San Antonio, TX
The Winkler - Houston, TX
Michael Michael Gregory Garfield - Austin, TX
Aldo Caldo - Austin, TX
This Is Where Two Oceans Meet- San Antonio, TX
Noah Peterson - San Antonio, TX

Both can be streamed live here:

Emmanuel Reveneau is putting on the Loop Jubilee tomorrow featuring:

Guilhem Desq
Goupile et Coyotte
Leander Reininghaus et Bernhard Wöstheinrich
Philippe Ollivier : Toco La Toccata
L'inquiétant suspendu
In Mobile Integrative Project


He will be streaming his event live as well.  For the first time ever,
we'll be coordinating our fests to be overlapping to provide the world
with 13 hours of live stream looping!

When you need to refresh your spirit from the news of this tragedy please
join us online as we make our voices heard.

God bless you all.


Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209