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New Music For Isolation Tanks - Free review copies available now.

Next week I'll be releasing the first full length Music For Isolation
Tanks album of new studio material in over 10+ years. MFIT was started in
the early 90s and this is kind of a retrospective with all new material.
As such it's good place to start. It leans toward "Ambient Electronica"
but I'd prefer to leave descriptions up to the listeners.

To celebrate I'm offering FREE pre-release download copies to anyone who
wants to do a review.  Best to email me direct at legionhwp (at) Gmail
(dot) com as I might be away from my PC for a few days.

The "hit single" (heh!) is already up at:

At very least this is a way to get some new free tunes. Thanks for any
interest and enjoy!

     NEW DAED SITE!!  -  Http://DaedSound.com
 DAED: Circuit Bent and Unusual Sound Devices
"Making Something Extraordinary from the Ordinary"

Music and Downloads at the New Online Site: