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Software looping

Boomerang user here. So I have Ableton now and I'm seriously thinking of transitioning to software. As I use a lot of electronic elements, samples and time synced effects I think I could simplify my rig(and my life) By just doing it all in Ableton. I don't have a foot controller yet but I'm doing some experiments. I can get Ableton(in session view) to behave like the boomerang in parallel mode. BUT because each button in Ableton is only midi assignable to one controller button loop start and stop would take two buttons..yuck. Maybe I'm missing something or maybe I should use a vast looper within Ableton.

Another issue..

I do not think series looping is possible in software? But I'm over that. I only use it in a few songs.

Also...I'm experiencing latency in certain circumstances but I believe it's because I'm currently using an old duo core home pc. With a quad core laptop is latency manageable?