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Drum Loops Used In Studio

I’m thankful to find your forum… I wondered if someone could help me? I 
recently had the opportunity to sit in a recording session in Nashville. 
There was a great drummer who use these loops to play on top of during the 
recording of each song.

What he did was go to his laptop, pull up these very quiet, rhythmic 
loops, some were like just percussion sounds, he would set the tempo and 
then load them into the DAW, then go into the drum booth, and play along 
with them. They provided a great rhythm on which to build on.

I’ve looked all over the internet trying to find what these loops were… 
I’d like to purchase them to use in my songwriting.

Q: does anyone have an idea of what these “practice loops for lack of 
better term” were and where I could get them?  I’m so sorry I don’t even 
know what you would call them, which is why my search is so hard!

I appreciate whatever suggestions I could get to point me in the right