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Re: Foot Controllers.

On the softstep issue - I'm probably one of the folk who dissed the Mk 1 in a big way - justifiably maybe. But, having got a Mk 2 as well, I'm still using the Mk1!

The newer software is better (works for both), but I don't use it!

The Mk 2 for me was way too sensitive, but it didn't hum like the Mk 1 (unless you turn the backlighting off as I do).

Having said all that, if you're looking for a conventional (-ish) looping/MIDI control set-up, the SS is so lightweight, portable & versatile (though a steep learning curve), it's very tempting. I've kinda stuck with it 'cos I've learned a lot about it, I've built my own editor in Bidule, & I've configured it to provide 44 (and more) individual controls, as opposed to the 11 apparent default configurations. But it's fiddly to use this way, so I wouldn't recommend following my path!

It's silent in operation, and it's cheaper than the Gordius. But I haven't used a Gordius, & I have a lot of respect for the Gordius users out there. Neither have I used the twelve step - but it's obviously a more note-based approach.


On 07/12/2015 14:07, Josh Elliott wrote:

Sorry if this subject has been beat to death but I looked on the forums and the last thing I could find was from last year. So I thought I would revisit this since there might be something new out there. The top contenders seem to still be the soft step and the Behringer fcb1010. Just wondering if anyone here has any direct experience with these pedals for others that may work. The Gordius is a bit out of my price range.

Is the old Soft really as bad as all the negative reviews?

Is the FCB1010 really the nightmare to set up that people say?

How would the twelve step be as a loop controller?

Is the new soft step really as awesome as people say?

Cheers from Wisconsin