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Re: Foot Controllers.

Im currently using a McMillen 12 step, for running Mobius, I chose it over 
the Soft step because it was more simple and strait forward,  doing the 
things I needed it to  for Mobius, note on-off commands and a cc 
expression port,  I wish it had  two expression ports but I like its size, 
 light weight, and noise free switching, The feel is something I had to 
get used to, but feel comfortable with now, and actually prefer to the 
more hair trigger Gordius switches,which make mechanical noise unless you 
press very lightly.. I still have a Gordius Little Giant, which is the 
deepest midi foot controller on the planet,  it like what Homer Simpson 
said about donuts…"is there anything they can't do?" . Its also built like 
 a tank , way more rugged than the McMillen stuff.  Ive had one 12 step go 
down on me, a problem in the main board, but it was under warranty and 
they provided a replacement. Time will tell if Ill need to go back to 
using the Gordius, which I will never sell as its built the way things 
used to be built….to last.