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Attn. NorCal Loopers -- Help out an International Live Looper in SF? (not me this time!! :) )

Hey NorCal Loop Folks -- hope you're all doing awesome!  Missed being able to do Y2K this year, for sure.

I'm reaching out on behalf of David Yassine from Belgium -- anyone who follows vocal/beatbox looping knows him by PENKYX, he was the runner up at the Grand Beatbox Battle in Switzerland this year:


He is CC'd -- penkyx@gmail.com -- I think he'll be joining the list shortly as well.

Anyway, he's going to land in San Francisco in very short order because of hitting a snag with his work/touring in Salt Lake, impulsively decided to go visit y'all because NorCal is awesome.  Knows very few people.  Highly talented beatboxer and looper.  Please reach out to him if you or someone you know has the ability to help with lodging/meals, show opportunities, etc.!!  

If you were abroad and stuck you'd want the same thing!  #L00PERunity

Mike Yanchak (Mike Why)
Pittsburgh, PA


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