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Re: R: El Capitan

Hows mobius reacting so far with El Capitan anyone?

On 26.11.2015, at 10:29, Massimo Liverani <mas.liv@libero.it> wrote:

I got an I-MAC  late 2009, recently updated with el capitain, got serious problems with the drivers of my Focusrite saffire 6 usb (it crashed the system!), but after a couple of days Fucusrite wrote me how to solve it. very profesional help.
for the rest, it seem more efficent and faster, also the space occupied seems to be less, now i got more GB free (not much but...)

Good luck to evrbdy!

What's the consensus on the latest OSX upgrade - Go or No?

I'm using Logic X, Mainstage and Finale 2014.

Thank you, Collective Looping Wisdom