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OT: Patchblocks

OT: Which of you list members work with Patchblocks?


It's a nice concept really, as modular outboard gear for 55 euro per piece 
and free, sort of pd-style software allows to write your own generative 
devices as well as fx units. 
You can even combine several of the Patchblocks into one bigger unit. And 
there's a separate midi box. Each of the things measures about 7 x 5 x 
cms. Not with foot switches yet (but i heard they'll do this.) Two faders, 
two illuminated buttons, no display. Lots of modular synth peoplke seem to 
be into them, as ins and outs are dc coupled.

By the way: This is 10bit gear ;) The sound is - to my taste - wonderfully 
gritty. Especially when generating stuff 10bit make sense to me, not so 
much for programmed outboard fx, but i still enjoy the dirt a lot there as 

Anyhow - contact me privately, if you want to exchange patches or discuss