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Re: LooperMusic.com

On 29/12/2015 02:17, contact@loopermusic.com wrote:
Hello - just wanted to spread the word to this group of looping musicians: I have reviewed about 26 loop pedals that are currently in production. I would love to get your feedback on those reviews and also I'm interested in publishing content from expert guests (like many of you).
hi Jasper.
nice resource, particularly that it features a lot of the newer loop devices.

As you asked for feedback...................

I thought the Question/Answer format wasn't always ideal,
often a lot of the features/capabilities are related, so a well conceived
paragraph would perhaps cover a group of "questions" better.

 I didn't see any mention of sound quality, often an issue.

Did you actually *try* all those pedals before reviewing?

Anyway, overall an impressive piece of work :-)

thanx for offer to host reviews,
Sadly the loopers delight site is inactive now.

However a number of the loopers delight people have contributed to
livelooping.org which is 100% non-commercial.

all the best
there's an issue that hitting a link to a looper always opens in Amazon