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New release "Pink Earth"

Hi all,

My new CD, "Pink Earth" is officially released today.

Folks that know me know that I've been talking about this one for over
a year. The tracks on Pink Earth feature drum machine, like my
previous releases, but they also feature the sampled sounds of my own
voice. Both are manipulated heavily so they don't operate as drum
machines and vocals typically do.

Musically, it's a quieter, more mysterious record like my previous
one, "The 3am Music". It's not intended to be a challenging or
difficult listen. Instead, it's something you can put on while working
or going to sleep.

It's available as a CD or digital download at:

Over the next week or so, it'll be making it's way to iTunes, Amazon
and the like.

I'll be having a CD release show this Thursday (1/14) at the Luggage
Store Gallery in San Francisco. Organ of Qwerty will be opening with a
quad-channel performance of abstract laptop improvisations.
Here's the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/981612501913355/

Matt Davignon
Music: http://mattdavignon.bandcamp.com
Podcast: http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com