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Re: software looper

One shot is totally integral. I would love to try your program! Can o get a beta link? 

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On Jan 31, 2016, at 4:14 AM, Philippe ollivier <Philippe.ollivier@logellou.com> wrote:

Have you tried Logelloop?
It is very stable on Yosemite.
Each track has a ‘play once’ button (a bit broken in the current but the fix is coming very soon now and I can send you offlist a link to the beta who fix it)
It is possible to preload loops and record overdubs on them.
And much more is possible!

You’ll find the demo at www.logelloop.com.


Le 31 janv. 2016 à 06:20, EJ Singson <ejsingson@gmail.com> a écrit :

I've been a looper for a good while now. I'm transition over to software looping, and cutting down on my pedalboard.

I still haven't found the perfect software yet, which is really frustrating. Ableton Live comes close, but my reliance on the line6 m-series/dl4 style switch functions makes it impossible.

I need to have a "play once" button, where it starts the loop from the beginning and when it comes to the end of the loop, ends playback.

Mobius seems to be able to do it, but I can't get it running stable no matter WHAT on yosemite. Live looping being perilous as it is, I need something absolutely stable.

Right now, I'm also stuck using my digitech jamman, because you can preload loops. This makes streamlining live sections much easier by preloading drum tracks. Neither mobius or live seem to be able to handle preloading tracks, playing them, being able to loop over them, and then banking up to the next drum track.

(I'm not sure if I'm explaining that last part well, so here is a video of my playing where I bank up and down through some drum tracks with looping. https://youtu.be/IVN24TFVOe0)

Does anyone have any suggestions for me on software to look into?

Besides mobius and live, so many VSTs, AUs, and programs are ancient and no longer being supported.