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Re: Ditto problem

On 05/02/2016 03:44, david@trufun.com wrote:
So I said my shit up at this gig, and I plugged it all in, and the ditto 
is not working. All the lights come on. It passes signal but does not 
process signal. I can't figure out what's wrong.

Do TC boxes use a different polarity of 9 V power?
 I don't think it would light up at all with the wrong polarity.

I'm afraid it's possible that you used an *unregulated* psu and that
this damaged the device. ie the polarity, & voltage
If LEDS go on and off as expected then the processor is ok,
I could *guess* it's something to do with "that little relay in there
that makes it all true bypass"

hope the reset works

hang on though, what about the current available from the psu you're using?
It would totally make sense if the Ampage avaliable was too low.
i.e. LEDs work but not other stuff.


Terse and error-ridden due to use of handheld device.